Faster, less fees.

Buy Online in the
USA + Cheap


Faster, less fees.

The Virtual Wallet to save when shopping online in the USA

Buy Online in the
USA + Cheap

It’s simple! CambioWallet is a virtual wallet in the USA. With it, you get a virtual card to buy on any American website. So, you pay less IOF and run away from the tourism dollar.

Who compares choose CambioWallet

Product: Apple - iPhone 12 5G 128GB

Iphone - Buying in Brazil
R$ 8.499,00

Buying in Brazil

Iphone - Importing with conventional bank cards
R$ 4.397,23

Importing with conventional bank cards

Iphone - With <b>CambioWallet</b>
R$ 4.189,51

With CambioWallet

Virtual Card

for online shopping
in the United States


1.1% to charge your e-wallet

Pay with Dollar
+ Cheap

Do everything on your cell phone without worrying about banks!

Service provided by Brazilians to Brazilians

How it works in 4 steps


Create an account at CambioReal INC;


Access the panel and finish the registration to place the order of CambioWallet;


In less than 1 business day, you are notified by email when CambioWallet is created;


Load your wallet to generate your Virtual Card.

And that’s it! You can now shop online in the United States for less fees and more easily.

The lowest rates in the market

At CambioWallet you do not pay an annual fee and our rates are the lowest in the market.

You can compare!

Iphone - Buying in Brazil


when generating the
digital card (valid for 6 months)


of the amount
to recharge


per transaction

Any questions?

Talk to our customer service team who help you create your American virtual wallet and make your first purchase!

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